Volcanoes, Forex and FXStreet – Expect the unexpected

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If you have a look at FXStreet About us section you will find out that we pay special attention to traders and the fact that the markets do not sleep, putting a high standard of quality in everything we do.

FXStreet is your meeting place, the crossroads where you can find everything you need to make the best decisions in the currency markets. Anytime, 24/5. Based on unbiased, high quality and free information. 

And there is a nice story we want to share with you about this. It is about Forex, professionalism and risk management.

As our commitment is to create opportunities of professional growth for our collaborators we were sponsors of Chris Capre’ seminar in Singapore. A fantastic opportunity for traders to meet Chris personally, one of our premium contributors, and learn from his wide experience in the markets and as trader’s coach.

All looked normal the days before the seminar, no one us expected that a Volcano activity in Bali could affect the event in Singapore, and it actually did. As the butterfly effect took place, things went tough for Chris an Ivan, our FXStreet News Manager. We are not going to reveal what happened, better to read the story directly from Chris (worth reading! #6); all this to say, that we are very proud of our team and that people know that can lean on us when there is a trouble.

Enjoy the reading!



One thought on “Volcanoes, Forex and FXStreet – Expect the unexpected

    […] are proud partners of Chris Capre forex tour, we were with him in Singapore and we are happy to announce a new seminar in London. Are you […]


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