Going further: watch Duncan Lin’s speech in Sydney

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FXStreet Invast meetup Sydney November (3)

In latest posts we have welcomed new cities to the FXStreet community, this time however, it is very enriching for us to share what our veteran groups are doing.

Thanks to Ashley, our host, and Invast, our sponsor in Sydney we can share with you the speech of Duncan LinIs Your Trading Behaviour Sabotaging Your Performance“.

Market Wizard, Ed Seykota once said, “Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market,” and you may not realise the consequences of your trading behaviour’s that are potentially hindering your current performance.

Duncan Lin, Head Trader at Wizard Trading Strategies, uncovers in the presentation:

  •  How traders are often obsessed with technical analysis;
  • The behavioural biases that most traders exhibit;
  • The consequences of behavioural biases and how to overcome them; and
  • How the analytical tool of Market Profile builds the bridge between technical analysis and understanding market behaviour

Do you want to attend? have a look to the upcoming events!

Enjoy the recording of Duncan Lin’s session below.

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